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The first visit starts with a comprehensive history and examination based on the conditions and complaints you present with. This includes a physical, neurological, and orthopedic examination. Once history and examination have been completed findings will be discussed then we will proceed to the treatment phase. 


Treatment consists six parts that addresses the entire human system. The treatment system, developed by Dr. Belli and taught around the world, is referred to as the “Neurological Application of Applied Kinesiology” or NAAK. The NAAK system addresses the entire human system using concepts from Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture. 


STEP 1: , Dr. Belli will go through a process to remove your subconscious memory of all recent and past injuries, this is done with a technique referred to as “Injury Recall”. Injury Recall Technique was developed by an Osteopath that resets the response of the Cerebellum of the brain to injury.


STEP 2: , Dr. Belli will proceed through a series of test related to immune system function, to determine if you have too much or not enough immune activity, or systemic inflammation. Once we have addressed the immune system Dr. Belli will look at metabolic function, which includes production of ATP for energy, liver detoxification, thyroid function, and others.


STEP 3:  Dr. Belli has addressed issues with immune and metabolic function, he will address muscle patterns related to brain and central nervous system dysfunction. Corrections will be made, and exercises will be given to improve brain and nervous system function. At this point corrections include treating acupuncture point, and various reflexes.


STEP 4: Once the brain and central nervous system are functioning better Dr. Belli will address your motion segments (joints and vertebra), and whether they are sending the right messages to the brain. The process of normalizing joint function includes treating reflexes and manipulation where necessary.


STEP 5:  Dr. Belli will address pain inhibition pathways coming from the brain and joints, as well as how the brain itself perceives or feels pain.  Pain is treated by addressing acupuncture points and reflexes.   


STEP 6:  Dr. Belli will address the state of your body chemistry by looking at various metabolic pathways, genetic variants, and methylation. Once this process has been completed, lifestyle changes and diet will be discussed, and the appropriate nutritional supplements will be recommended.


Regardless of the complaint that you present with, Dr. Belli treats your whole system to bring you to optimal health. Returning you to optimal health allows your body to heal itself and stay that way. Optimal function and health will help with preventing injuries and health problems in the future.


“We at Spectrum AK don’t put things back in place, we put them back into function”

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