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It is the study of entire nervous system and how it works. Functional neurology emphasizes the nervous system and indeed neuron as being the modulator of human expression and experience. In the practice of functional chiropractic neurology, the staff at Spectrum perform various tests and procedures.

Functional neurology:

  • Assesses how well groups of nerves are working. Under-active nerves may quickly fatigue and be unable to do their job. The functional neurologist can determine the specific group of nerves that need attention and can prescribe very specific exercise designed to improve performance and function.

  • Corrects functional neurological imbalances and requires extensive knowledge of neurophysiology and neuroanatomy.

  • Uses specific chiropractic adjustments together with specific stimulations and exercise to provide very powerful methods of stimulating the appropriate areas of the brain or highly specific groups of nerves.

  • Is medication free and uses non-surgical treatment methods.

Investigations involving functional neurological applications are published in myriads of journals that span many disciplines. This makes it extremely difficult to establish an overview of the vast array of material that comprises the state of functional neurology in a single explanation. It may seem quite amazing that the interventions, ranging from simple to complex, utilized in the application of functional neurology address three basic fundamental activities present and necessary in all neurons. These activities include:

  • Adequate gaseous exchange, namely oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. This includes blood flow and conditions that may arise from inadequate blood supply;

  • Adequate nutritional supply including glucose, and a variety of necessary cofactors and essential compounds[functional medicine];

  • Adequate and appropriate stimulation in the form of neurological communication, including both inhibition and activation of neurons using synaptic activation. .

It is also now apparent that the function of the nervous system and the function of the immune system of an individual are closely interconnected, and states of brain imbalances can result in immune system dysfunction such as systemic inflammatory or autoimmune reactive states. Correcting functional neurological imbalance requires an extensive knowledge of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology in an attempt to understand the human nervous system. The staff at Spectrum combines neurology with functional medicine and Applied Kinesiology to provide a unique approach to your healthcare.

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